Radio show adviser reported missing ahead of SEC investigation

A financial adviser in Atlanta, who has a weekly radio show and appears on local television, reportedly left home the day before he was supposed to hand over documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission last month and is missing, according to a report Monday in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and police documents.

The adviser, Christopher W. Burns, 36, left his house on Sept. 24, according to the Gwinnett County police, who filed a missing persons report about the incident. Gwinnett is a suburb of Atlanta.

Financial advisers under duress from regulators and investigations were commonplace during the financial crisis of 2008, and some took off in an attempt to escape scrutiny into their businesses and practices.

Meredith Burns, the wife of Christopher Burns, is named as the individual reporting the incident. “This is a developing situation with many unknowns,” Meredith Burns said in a statement. “We are not prepared to comment at this time.  Right now, my main priority is caring for my young children.”

A spokesperson for Meredith Burns, Dan Curran, said she had nothing to do with her husband’s business as an adviser.

The marketing name for Christopher Burns’ firm is Dynamic Money, and it is registered with the SEC as Investus Advisers with an address in Atlanta. Calls to the firm could not be completed on Tuesday.

Investus Advisers has no assets under management, according to its most recent Form ADV filing with the SEC. Christopher Burns is listed as the firm’s principal and chief compliance officer.

According to the police report, Meredith Burns said that on Aug. 19, the SEC contacted Christopher Burns in regards to an investigation of his business. She also told the police that the SEC did not inform the adviser about the nature of the investigation and that the last day to hand in the paperwork was Sept. 24.

She then told the police that Christopher Burns had texted her, his parents and brother to tell them that he loved them, according to the police report.

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