iOS 15 Users Will Be Able to Link AirPods with Their Apple ID and Find Their Network


Apple is working hard to develop a series of features for the new iOS 15. One of the newest features announced is the Conversation Boost for AirPods Pro. Also, iOS 15 users will find their lost AirPods using the Precision Finding option and link the AirPods with their Apple ID.

How will the pairing work?

The newest operating system from Apple will use Bluetooth to locate the AirPods. This feature will work if the person who lost or misplaces the AirPods is getting close to them. One might even think it is similar to the hot and cold game. AirPods Pro and AirPods Max will be compatible with this new iOS 15 feature. The feature should show the AirPods on the map even if the headphones are not connected to the iPhone or iPad they have been linked with.

AirPods will be linked with Apple ID

To make sure the new feature works, iOS 15 users need to pair their AirPods with their Apple ID, and they will receive the location through the Find My Network feature, even if the headphones are connected to another device. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that first and second-generation AirPods become eligible for the new feature.

Apple AirPods’s newest features

Once the iOS 15 is installed on an Apple device and paired with AirPods, the headphones will have a series of new features. For example, the headphones can send speech notifications for an incoming call or message. If you are using your Apple headphones and there is too much background noise, a new feature will allow users to boost their AirPods’ sound. On Amazon, the Apple AirPods range from £249.00 to £189.00. The price is not low, but the new features might be worth it.

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