Self-Erasing Messages on Whatsapp to Become a Reality

It is already known by social media users that Facebook has released the self-erasing of messages and videos option on social platforms such as Messenger and Instagram. It appears that the next step was to launch this feature for WhatsApp as well.

Android beta testers can already use the ‘’view once’’ feature

It appears that this view once option has already been released for Android beta testers and it basically means that these users can now erase photos and video as soon as they finish looking at them. Those who can already enjoy this feature should be able to see a dedicated button that allows them to wipe those type of messages.

Disappearing messages versus ‘view once’ messages

The popular app already has another option for its users: the one, which, when activated, deletes within seven days messages and new chats. The ‘view once’ feature will allow WhatsApp users to activate this mode and look at pictures and video just once and then they vanish after the user closes them. Users will still be notified once the picture or the video they have sent has been viewed by the other user or users.

Is it all good news for WhatsApp users?

Well, according to an article published by WABetaInfo, users can still screenshot messages to keep them as proof and iOS users are to get this mode later on, making it available for Android users only so far.

Facebook is struggling to keep track of everything

This new mode was going to be released in February and then it was delayed until the middle of May due to the complaints and concerns regarding the access to additional user data. In the end, the mode was released in June, together with the privacy policy update.

It is yet to be determined whether this ‘view once’ mode will earn popularity or not among WhatsApp users.

Agatha Greer
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