Facebook: WhatsApp Users Now Able to Join Group Calls after They Started

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Yesterday, Facebook’s website was updated with new information about WhatsApp. The app will now have a new feature available. Those who want will be able to join group calls, even after the call has started. The news is excellent for those of us who check our phones less than often.

Facebook wants to reunite families

The statement on the website mentions the importance of being reunited with friends and family, and the purpose of the new WhatsApp feature was to make sure everyone gets to join in the group calls. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019, more and more families have been unable to reunite, and, therefore, this new WhatsApp feature is great. The feature is called Joinable calls, and it is now available on WhatsApp. Another good news is that anyone can drop off during a WhatsApp group call and then join the call again. The feature also included an info screen that shows the user the people who are already in the group call and those who did not join yet.

Some WhatsApp accounts got suspended

Sources mention that more than 2 million WhatsApp users have been blocked due to rules infringement. This happens when the app spots users who break the rules, and actions are taken every month to ensure the app is secure. The reported accounts are analyzed, as well as profile and group photo descriptions. The idea is to prevent harm and to ensure the privacy and comfort of the users. Facebook has previously dealt with privacy issues on the WhatsApp app after the Indian Government wanted to use it to find out information about its users. The message was that this kind of action is not legal and infringes people’s right to privacy.

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