Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Reveals Upcoming Patch For the Game

Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Reveals Upcoming Patch For the Game
DBFZ (Dragon Ball FighterZ) has proven to an entire world that you can get an exciting fighting gameplay even in 2D graphics, which is truly incredible nowadays when developers are constantly competing to provide more realistic looks.

DBFZ carries the legacy of the legendary Dragon Ball universe, and it did it well.
Since its release at the beginning of 2018, DBFZ has been constantly improved with new additions in the form of DLCs. Important characters and transformations were added to the game’s roster of fighters, and there’s no sign that the developers will stop doing so anytime soon.

Get ready for a “balance patch” in August

According to EventHubs, there’s a new “balance patch” coming for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it brings some pretty interesting stuff to the game. Tomoko Hiroki, the Producer of the game, released important statements, as cited by EventHubs:

We are also planning to release a new update in the middle of August this year,
As for the contents of this update, not only will we be balancing the characters, but we will be making adjustments to the overall battle to allow more dynamic attacks and defense, such as enabling aerial guard cancel changes, so we hope you will look forward to this update as well.

Also, if you’re a fan of the fighting game, you cannot afford to miss this tweet from Bandai Namco Esports:

What could it possibly mean to “balance” the characters? Perhaps their power levels will be adjusted so that the fights will grant a much more durable flow. Having a chance against Super Saiyan 4 Goku while you’re playing as Krillin, for instance, might not be too accurate, but it would still help the flow of the match.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the update in the comment section and also inform other Dragon Ball fans about what’s cooking in DBFZ!

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