Amazon Q is a New AI Chatbot for Business

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Another day, another piece of news about Artificial Intelligence. AI chatbots represent the most trendy game to play in 2023, and Amazon just jumped on the bandwagon with a brand-new software tool that people can use for business purposes.

Those who are AWS users will have a new reason to be happy, as Amazon is launching Amazon Q, an AI-powered chatbot that people can use for business, as TechCrunch reveals. The new software tool is now in public review, and Amazon has presented it during a keynote at the company’s re: Invent conference that took place in Las Vegas.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the new Amazon Q AI-powered chatbot won’t be free of charge, but it might be worth every penny.

Subscriptions start at $20 per year

The new Amazon Q AI-powered chatbot can be used by those who are willing to pay 20 bucks per year. It’s still a lot cheaper than ChatGPT, as OpenAI demands that kind of subscription fee only for a whole month. However, ChatGPT also offers a free version.

The new Amazon Q is able to respond to the user’s inquiries and even generate content for him. The software was trained on 17 years’ worth of AWS knowledge, and it will even bring arguments to support the claims it makes.

Adam Selipsky, the AWS CEO, stated as TechCrunch quotes:

You can easily chat, generate content and take actions [with Q],

It’s all informed by an understanding of your systems, your data repositories and your operations.

If you’re an AWS user, you will even have the chance to configure Amazon Q by connecting it to apps such as Gmail, Salesforce, Amazon S3, Jira, and Zendesk. The new AI chatbot is able to analyze data and learn everything possible about a specific business.


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