San Francisco Deals With Large Amounts of Homeless People and Remote Workers

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Despite being one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also the home of over 3.3 million souls, San Francisco struggles in the present with large amounts of homeless people and individuals who work remotely.

Although the concept of remote work was seen as an efficient way to continue working without risking your health too much during the COVID pandemic, there is a downside as well, at least nowadays, when the risk of infection with the coronavirus has seriously decreased. People become a lot more inhibited if they spend too much time indoors without spending time with others in real life. Therefore, their social life could be seriously affected by remote work.

San Francisco’s criminality rate rises

Yahoo News reveals that as San Francisco is facing the consequences of remote work and a growing homeless crisis, deserted offices, empty streets, as well as a rise in crime take place in the famous American city.

The situation has created a worrying cycle where commercial real estate is collapsing, tax revenues are shrinking, and even essential city services are being cut back. San Francisco’s tech industry, which was once a driving force in the city, has embraced remote work too much, causing many residents to leave due to the high cost of living. As a result, office vacancies have reached an all-time high, and property values are plummeting. Furthermore, there is a risk of a banking crisis as well.

Anastasia Edel, who is one of the residents of San Francisco, said for the Los Angeles Times, as Yahoo News quotes:

San Francisco leaders brush off the bad news and say the city will recover,

Yet nobody seems to know what that looks like, or what is the path forward.

Despite efforts from city leaders to overcome the social problems, the road to recovery remains uncertain, leaving San Francisco in a vulnerable position.

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