The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate is here – VeChain’s NFT in collaboration with the DNV

The small state of San Marino has announced that their decision to use VeChain’s NFT vaccination passport and it will be created in collaboration with the DNV. The DNV is an independent Norwegian company: many other countries and health facilities use Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, which offers healthcare certification services and its digital services.

What is a VeChain NFT based Covid Vaccination Passport?

Using blockchain technology (VeChianThor public blockchain), the VeChain Foundation will issue eNFT Covid vaccination passports and it will allow San Marino’s 33,000 citizens to move freely. Blockchain technology is an effective way through which the global community can reach consensus in terms of Covid passports and free circulation and many more other important things. By using the non-fungible token, the person’s Covid medical history will be recorded on the VeChianThor public blockchain and it appears that other states are also considering using this technology. Cyprus has used VeChian in the past for the storage records of the Covid-19 vaccines.

How will the certificate be issued and what information will it contain?

Apparently, those who want to poses a digital vaccination certificate need to request it at any facility approved by the San Marino authorities. The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate will contain information such as past infections with the Covid virus, negative test results and a digital vaccination certificate. It is also important to mention that the digital vaccination certificated follow the standards of the European Union and this is also thanks to the collaboration with DNV Assurance company.

Print or Digital?

Depending on what the person who requests it prefers, the San Marino authorities can issue a certificate both in print or digital and this way the vaccinated population will also be tracked using blockchain technology. The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate will have two QR codes and these will be accessed by the authorities to check the Covid-19 history of the passport’s owner.

Agatha Greer
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