Haiti’s President, Moise Jovenel, Was Killed

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According to the publication Reuters, the Haitian Government announced that Jovenel Moise, the country’s President, was murdered today in his own house. The attack happened during the night, and the attack is another heavy blow for the Caribbean nation. Haiti is already a country with many internal problems, including extreme poverty and political tension.

Horrendous details

Lately, in the capital of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince, many gang-related violent incidents took place, and police struggled to face dangerous armed groups. These violent incidents created areas in the capital where civilians were afraid of passing through. As if the armed conflicts were not enough, a group of unknown individuals broke into Moise’s private residence and killed the President in gunshots and injured his wife, Martine Moise. The attack took place at around 1 in the morning, and the President’s wife needed medical help treatment after the horrible attack. It not clear if a political opponent sent the mercenaries, and the investigation has just begun.

Prime Minister Claude Joseph: Things are under control:

After the killing of the Haitian President, the interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, declared that things are under control and that the civilians should not be afraid. But many Haitians do not believe that the Haitian National Police and the Haitian Armed Forces are managing to keep things peaceful, and people are scared to live their daily lives. The amount of armed conflicts in the Caribbean nation has even determined its neighbour, the Dominican Republic, to close its borders with Haiti.

President Biden made a statement following the incident

The spokesperson of the White House, Jen Psaki, talked about the incident with the press and declared this incident as a tragedy. She also mentioned that the U.S President will receive all available information and that an investigation will take place.

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