The Crypto Frontier Podcast: What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hear from the industry’s best and brightest about the latest news in Australia’s crypto markets in Stockhead’s latest show, The ‘Crypto Frontier’ Podcast. 

Kraken’s managing director in Australia Jonathon Miller interviews guests, talks about the latest in market data trends and goes behind the scenes to explore the technology that powers the future of finance. 

In this episode, Jonathon speaks with Robert Allen, member of the Hedera governing council and entrepreneur in residence at Eftpos Australia.

Rob speaks from years of experience in designing and engineering payments/blockchain projects.

He brings to the show his insight into the projects and opportunities that the super high speed, super low cost Hedera Hashgraph protocols and services allow for enterprise and startups.

Click below to tune in and learn more.

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