Apple iOS 15 Update Released

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The tech giant released its newest iOS update yesterday, and it includes quite a few new features. The new features will allow users to enjoy an enhanced iPhone experience, and it comes just in time for the newest iPads, iPhones, and other new devices Apple is releasing soon.

iOS 15 new features and updates

The biggest annual operating system update includes the ability to FaceTime with Android and Windows users. Its AI does a better job at identifying plants, animals, and objects. Another new feature of FaceTime will allow users to watch TV shows, films, listen to music and share their screen while FaceTiming. There is also a synced playback control feature and a spatial audio one. The special audio feature will help the conversation feel natural, as voices will seem as if they are coming from where they are positioned on the user’s screen. FaceTime users will be allowed to share links with anyone, including users of other operating systems, via weblink.

The newest Apple OS will help you study or work

A new update is the Focus feature. By enabling this feature, users will be able to decide the number of notifications they want to receive from other apps, and this way, they will be able to focus. Other users will also know if another user has activated the Focus mode. This is perfect for when one needs to work or study and only wants to be contacted for emergencies.

Easier skimming of notifications is possible because the icons are larger. The Safari browser will have a bottom tab bar to make it easier for users to swipe pages. In addition, the Mapp app will offer better directions, and the 3D landmarks will help users find their destinations.

Live Text photos: translated into several languages

The AI will show important information such as addresses, emails, and phone numbers using photos. The option will be translated into English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and the Visual Look Up feature will help users learn more about the objects from the photos.

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