Don’t let COVID-19 distract you from retirement

Over the past two weeks, InvestmentNews hosted its 14th annual (and first virtual) Retirement Income Summit. Having had the opportunity to moderate and host this collection of leading investment minds, I wanted to share my takeaways for advisers and their clients as we look at retirement planning now.  

First, and foremost, communication must change. The consistent message over the four days, from a variety of voices, was that the key to success for clients planning for retirement and those living in retirement is a regular cadence that allows questions to be asked and new information to be shared.  

Second, while I hate clichés and catchphrases, the current environment does provide the opportunity for a “retirement reset.” That phrase serves as an umbrella for a host of factors affecting retirement, including ultra-low interest rates hitting income planning. And the job market has moved up the decision on when to retire for those losing their jobs and retiring earlier than anticipated. Meanwhile, others with jobs but unanticipated financial insecurity are now looking at working longer.  

Everyone — clients and advisers alike — needs to look at retirement with a fresh eye.  

Finally, RIS reminded us all that the SECURE Act is still out there — that was a massive change that dominated the first months of 2020. Michael Kitces spent nearly 90 minutes breaking it down in his presentation and Q&A. Check out our coverage on pages 12 and 13. Enjoy!

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