France: Covid-19 Vaccines Will Become Mandatory for Health Workers

La France atteinte par la pandémie du coronavirus

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, has announced yesterday, during a televised conference, that COVID-19 vaccines are to become compulsory for health workers. He announced a series of measures due to the high number of cases with the Delta variant. Macron requests French citizens to get vaccinated and explains once more the importance of the vaccine in preventing severe cases. The French government aims to get to the 100% vaccination rate, and the goal seems difficult to achieve due to people’s scepticism.

Emmanuel Macron announces new rules for health workers

corona virus and world

Health workers have to get the shots before the 15th of September, or else they would not be allowed to work anymore. Unvaccinated health workers who decide to avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine will also have to pay fines and could even face severe sanctions.

New rules and recommendations

In September, the vaccination campaign for younger citizens will also start, involving primary, secondary and high school students. There will also be a new curfew in Martinique and Reunion Island, and French people might not benefit from free PCR tests with the arrival of the fall. The French government sees vaccination as the answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken are meant to encourage more people to get the shots.

No cinema or train rides for unvaccinated people

The French government is looking to boost the vaccination campaign and stop the anti-vaccination movement. For this, those who want to attend social events in the future, such as clubbing, restaurant, going to the cinema or stadium, will have to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This strict measure is to begin in August, leaving unvaccinated people all July to book an appointment. Until the arrival of the fall, the vaccination passports and the tourism in France will go on as previously established.

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