Houston, Texas- 500% Increase in Hospital Admissions Due to Covid-19

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As recent reports mention, Texas, together with Florida and Missouri, account for 40 % of Covid-19 infections in the U.S, and it seems that the fourth wave has started. Houston, Texas, has seen a high rise in daily cases, and health providers confirm that in the last 14 days, they had to deal with a 500% increase in hospital admissions due to COvid-19 infections.

The daily infections are comparable with the fall of 2020

The Chief of Critical Care for the UMMC Covid Unit in Houston, Texas, Dr. Joseph Varon, declared that there might be a new surge due to the fact that most cases are on unvaccinated people. He gives the example of a big family celebrating their 90 years old matriarch. Everyone in the family, including the older woman, got infected with the SARS_CoV-2 virus, and no one was vaccinated.

Houston Authorities provide several vaccination sites

It is now time for those hesitant to start getting their Covid-19 vaccine doses to avoid tragedies. Health authorities have even provided four after-hours vaccines sites in Houston to help those working crazy hours. Dr. Varon also explains that although there are risks associated with vaccination of any type, the world is experiencing a pandemic, and there is no way of stopping the Covid-19 virus.

The article also mentions that in the last week, more Texans decide to get vaccinated. The number of vaccinated Texans last week was 349,166 people, and it is higher than the last couple of weeks. Those sceptical state personal reasons, health reasons or just admit that they do not feel ready yet. However, the new school year will begin this fall, and health providers have warned that the numbers of daily infections could get higher if schools do not respect CDC’s guidelines.

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