Unvaccinated Federal Workers to Undergo Periodical Testing and More

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The fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic has approached the U.S, with many states reporting a surge in the number of daily infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Delta strain is accountable for more than 83% of new infections, and most of the hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. In many states, the vaccination states a relatively low, and it seems that many remain hesitant in taking this step, especially when it comes to vaccinating their children.

President Biden might impose new requirements for federal employees

The U.S administration is said to be debating whether unvaccinated federal employees should be tested regularly and should wear masks at all times. Sources also mention that another option is also asking for a proof of vaccination paper against the coronavirus, and more news is to come later this week. President Biden also declared for reporters that he is thinking about making vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus mandatory for federal workers, but no official decision has been made.

The CDC recommends everyone wear masks indoors

The CDC’s new guideline includes several recommendations. One of them is that even those fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors, especially if there are outbreaks in their communities. To determine if their communities are experiencing an outbreak, everyone should try to be as informed as possible and constantly verify through official channels.

The Delta strain might be behind all this new recommendation

The CDC’s decision comes after the Delta strain became dominant in the U.S and due to the variant’s high viral load, even those fully vaccinated can still get infected. Although vaccinated people are not expected to develop severe infections and require hospitalization, they might still experience mild symptoms. Some symptoms that have been associated with the Delta variant are headaches, cold symptoms, runny nose and fever.

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