iPhone 17’s Design Will Be Completely Unexpected

Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

The world has already witnessed the amazing superpowers of the iPhone 15 lineup, which is Apple’s flagship phone for 2023. These phones will be followed by the iPhone 16 series in 2024. As for 2025, we can expect to see iPhone 17 on the stores’ shelves.

It’s reasonable to expect that the iPhone 17 will feature better cameras, a more advanced processor, as well as a more durable body. That’s because the world of smartphones constantly evolves, and the standards of users always go higher. However, it seems that when it comes to the design area, things will be different regarding iPhone 17 than we expected.

iPhone 17 will have a smaller Face ID

Thanks to the guys from Android Authority, we now have a series of useful information about what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 17. If it’s true, the iPhone 17 series will include a new Slim variant that measures 6.6 inches. This model will replace the Plus model of previous iPhone flagships.

It has also been revealed that the Pro Max version of iPhone 17 will have a smaller Face ID sensor than expected, which will also reduce the size of the Dynamic Island.

We are all especially preoccupied with what a smartphone can do when it comes to its cameras, and thankfully, there’s good news in this area regarding the iPhone 17. That’s because all of the future models will probably feature 24MP front cameras. This will be a major increase from the usual 12MP, while it’s also worth keeping in mind that those cameras belong to the TrueDepth category.

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