Windows 11 Gets Rid of the “Blue Screen of Death”, But There’s a Catch

The error when the screen turns blue is well-known by anybody who had ever used Microsoft’s operating systems for computers. That error shattered the dreams and hopes of many of us – on many occasions, it occurred suddenly, when everything seems alright at the computer.

But finally, Microsoft gets rid of the pesky “Blue Screen of Death” along with Windows 11, according to The Verge. But you know what they say that everything has a price, and so it happens in this case.

The “Blue Screen of Death” joins the dark side

Instead of the afore-mentioned error, users of Windows 11 will be welcomed by a “Black Screen of Death”. Yes, you’ve guessed it: there will be no more blue screen error in Windows 11, but because it turns black. Here’s the image that will show, as published by The Verge:

However, it’s great to see that Microsoft finally realizes that nobody wastes time reading entire paragraphs, especially in a situation when the computer wants to restart unexpectedly. The simplified error will surely make a lot of users satisfied (well, as satisfied as an error message can possibly be).

Although it will have a new color, there’s no reason to believe that you won’t have the same options of fixing the issue as you did when the display turned blue. You can try restarting the computer, scanning it for viruses and malware, checking if the RAM is connected properly to the motherboard, or checking if a newly installed device is causing the error. Also, one of the reasons for the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” is a faulty hard drive. In this last case, it’s obvious that you need to invest some money in order to replace your hardware. While we do not intend to sound harsh, we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t upgrade your PC components nowadays when they’ve become incredibly cheap compared to other years.

Sawyer Alim
Sawyer is our team's tech specialist. He's constantly looking for new technologies to try them out and later present to our readers. Sawyer is just getting his start as a journalist, but has over 5 years experience at a tech company.