Will Science Survive The Apocalypse?

The future is one of enormous uncertainty, and it keeps scientists and curious minds invested into trying to figure out possible scenarios.

The chances are that there will always be curious people looking forward to investigating the universe and its components.

If you too like to dream about the future, you must be aware that thermodynamics says that, over time, everything, everywhere, will eventually reach the same temperature, close to absolute zero, and nothing will happen anymore due to the extreme cold.

Roger Penrose, a winner of a Nobel Prize in 2020, took the job of imaging the cosmic future.

In 2005, Penrose felt like he was “depressing himself” due to the wastes of time that span ahead of the universe according to the newest cosmological findings, which report an ever-accelerating expansion.

He wondered who or what will be around at that point to get bored by the situation.

Penrose overcame his initial thoughts by introducing a new model of the universe, known as conformal cyclic cosmology, which claims that our increasingly vacuous cosmos will ultimately provoke a singularity, a break in space-time comparable to the big bang.

In that way, an expanding universe can give birth to new universes infinitely.

Penrose and a fellow collaborator believe that each new universe can propagate its accumulated information to the next one via cosmic microwave radiation residual from its big bang.

It means that the microwave radiation pervading our universe could include messages from past universes. Similarly, the knowledge we store overtime may be shared furthermore to the inhabitants of future universes, meaning that science has a serious chance of living way longer than we do!

That is excellent news because, if the theory is true, there is a chance that we can tap into the knowledge leftover from one such universe from the past.

Agatha Greer
Agatha is our business/finance specialist. She left her corporate job in Finance after 12 years so she could pursue her dream - that of being a journalist. Besides her job, Agatha is a dedicated mother of two who likes to travel and to spend time with her family.