We Must Prepare for the Launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ 2

The Dragon Ball FighterZ action game published by Bandai Namco has been a massive success since its launch, delighting a lot of gamers who are into the fighting genre. Whether you’re a fan of the famous related anime series or not, you just have to admit the beautiful mechanics and graphics of Dragon Ball FighterZ, where every fighter has his own techniques and fighting style.

With the game being so praised, it’s only a matter of time until a successor will be released. It will most likely be called Dragon Ball FighterZ 2, and a new article posted on EventHubs.com grants us new reasons to believe that the game is coming soon.

“Super famous battle manga” is in the works

According to a job listing from the Freelance Hub, a developer is needed to work on a fighting game that’s based on “a super famous battle manga”. This is a clear hint that a successor for Dragon Ball FighterZ is already under development.

Dragon Ball FighterZ constantly gets updated by its developers, and its most recently received character is SSJ4 Gogeta (the merge between Goku and Vegeta while they are both at Super Saiyan 4 level). Since the game’s release back in January 2018, plenty of exciting characters were added. Even Master Roshi made a come-back, who was thought as pretty much retired by the Dragon Ball fans. Goku, in his most powerful form, was also added to the roster: the Ultra Instinct transformation that everyone’s favourite Saiyan used during the Tournament of Power against Jiren and Kefla.

What could we expect from Dragon Ball FighterZ 2? We can surely hope for more characters from the Dragon Ball Super anime to be added, as the show brought so many interesting fighters, especially in the Tournament of Power. The Dragon Ball universe has so many exciting characters with special fighting techniques, and dragging some inspiration from the very first series is also an option.

Sawyer Alim
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