Xiaomi Has a Cyberdog Made from Smartphone Cameras and Nvidia Edge AI Board

Credit: Youtube

Xiaomi created a Cyberdog made out of recycled cameras and AI boards. The robot dog has a futuristic design, and it is an experimental machine. The Chinese company is not the only one interested in creating quadrupedal machines. Boston Dynamics from the U.S created a robot named Spot.

Previous robots were sold for a lot of money

Spot was sold for $74,500, and it can perform several tasks, as mentioned by sources. For example, robots can be used to help doctors reach patients from remote areas; they can survey dangerous places such as mines or help law enforcement.

Xiaomi has not yet announced the tasks that their Cyberdog can perform. The robot is an open-source machine it only 1,000 units will be sold at first. The robot dog is perfect for Xiaomi enthusiasts, engineers and those who like robots. It is said that one Cyberdog will cost around $1, 540. The Cyberdog can perform dog tasks such as following its owner or responding to voice commands such as ‘Sit’. Some have compared Xiaomi’s Cyberdog with Sony’s Aibo. Aibo robot is quite petite and adorable, while Xiaomi’s Cyberdog looks from the future.

Cyberdog can to backflips

Xiaomi also said that the robot dog does backflips and it can analyze its surroundings. Some of its features are: one HDMI port, three USB-C ports, lidar sensor, panoramic cameras, and it weighs only 3 kg. The Jetson Xavier AI platform from Nvidia powers the dog, and the cameras have special features such as fisheye lenses. The GPS module and RealSense D450 camera will allow the Cyberdog to be autonomously up to a certain point. The robot will create navigational maps and follow its owner without bumping into objects.

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