Tests for Upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset Show Significant Performance Improvement

Credit: Pixabay.com, Monoar Rahman Rony

Smartphones are incredibly fast and productive nowadays. But there’s always room for more when it comes to technology. Devices permanently evolve, and a flagship will always do things better than the precedented one. It also applies to hardware components.

Perhaps you need to connect your phone to a monitor and run some high-end games on the larger screen. Maybe you need to switch between multiple apps at once while you’re working on your projects. What if you need to keep multiple tabs open? Video editing is incredibly popular nowadays, so maybe you need to tweak your videos while you’re on the run. For all these cases, you need a powerful processor mounted on your phone.

20% performance improvement for Snapdragon 895/898

According to a new rumour that GSMArena writes about, an upcoming Qualcomm chipset that nobody knows for sure how it will be called (maybe Snapdragon 895 or 898) shows a 20% performance improvement. The chip has the model number SM8450.

Does the world need even faster chips for smartphones? Without a single doubt, YES! Most smartphones still aren’t built for withstanding a high level of tasks, especially if you need to run multiple apps at the same time. Not everybody can afford the latest Samsung or iPhone, but multi-tasking phones will probably become a standard in the near future. Until that moment, all we can do is head for those gadgets that are packing the hardware that suits your needs the best rather than choosing a flagship just because it’s a flagship.

A 20% performance improvement can only be welcomed, and we’re keeping an eye on future info on the matter. Smartphones are designed to make our lives easier, and it’s nice to see that the path is maintained.

Sawyer Alim
Sawyer is our team's tech specialist. He's constantly looking for new technologies to try them out and later present to our readers. Sawyer is just getting his start as a journalist, but has over 5 years experience at a tech company.