Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 a Serious Rival of Apple Watch

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The newest Samsung watch will be released on 17 August, and it comes with many new features compared to previous models. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Classic look sharp, and many Android users might fall in love with them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 powered by Google Wear OS 3

The South Korean company has improved many features for its newest smartwatch, making it a serious rival for other Android-compatible watches and the Apple Watch. The two Galaxy 4 models will use the Google-Samsung Wear OS 3, and this fashioned operating system is not available for other smartwatches until 2022. The modern-looking version is cheaper than the classic Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but both are great options. The prices vary depending on the model, specs and country. According to recent articles, the watches can be preordered and the aluminium 40 mm Watch 4 costs around $250, while the stainless steel 42 mm Watch 4 Classic is priced at $350. Those who like a larger classic-looking smartwatch will have to pay around $30 extra.

The Google -Samsung OS might make the watch popular

Because of this fashion, tech enthusiasts might not have to compromise between the two OS styles. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a longer battery life and an improved performance. Those who enjoy using the watches several features during the night will be able to track down their overnight sleep because the battery will last for at least two days.

Just as older models, the watch will be synchronized with the phone device, and it will allow users to access their phone settings and much more. The newest model will be named Galaxy Watch, and it is only compatible with Android phones. It seems that the newest smartwatch might never become compatible with iOS devices.

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