The List of the Most Common PIN Codes for Phones Will Surprise You

Credit:, Arnel Hasanovic

We all know that it’s recommended not to use a predictable PIN for our phones. The reasons are obvious, and we’re all aware of them. But even so, more people than you would have thought are neglecting the rule for one reason or another. They may be too busy, or they simply might not care enough. Who knows?

Tarah Wheeler is a cybersecurity expert, and she published a list of the 20 most common PIN codes people use for securing their phones. An InfoSec expert compiled the data in 2019 via the SANS Institute.

Tarah Wheeler was born in February 12, 1979. She’s an American tech and cybersecurity author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and also former executive. She also serves as a Cybersecurity Policy Fellow in D.C. policy think-tank New America. Last but not least, Tarah Wheeler is the author of Women in Tech, the former Website Cybersecurity Czar at Symantec, and also the founder of Infosec Unlocked.

The SANS Institute, which is also known officially as the Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies, is a private for-profit company from the US that was founded in 1989. The company specializes in cybersecurity training, information security, as well as selling certificates. The region served is global, and there’s no surprise here considering that we’re talking about a company that’s over three decades old.

What kind of PIN code do you use for your phone? Do you prefer something hard to guess or you simply don’t care and go for the good old “0000” or “1234”? Feel free to tell us in a comment below!

Sawyer Alim
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