Roomba Newest iRobot: Roomba j7+ Can Avoid Animal Poop

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Roomba’s newest iRobot will come with many features, including the ability to avoid pet poop. The Roomba j7+ will use its built-in machine vision and artificial intelligence to detect pet poop on the floor and to avoid it. This feature is any pet lover’s dream, as many accidents had happened in the past when pet owners left the robot to clean while away from home.

Colin Angle, CEO, and founder of iRobot is beyond excited

In a recent interview, the CEO of iRobot, Colin Angle, declared that this new feature is very important for the company. Everyone worked hard on it and it definitely works. In the past, things got quite messy if the brushes and accessories of the iRobot got in contact with dog poop while the owner was away from home.

Roomba is not the only company to offer this new feature

Other competitors such as Roborock S6MaxV and 360 Smart Life robot vacuum also come with a feature that allows the vacuum to avoid pet poop. However, Angle mentioned that his company had taken the task quite seriously, and it uses the latest technology to ensure poop accidents will not happen.

More available updates

An update to iRobot Genius, the navigation, and control software is also available. The new software 3.0 iRobot Genius is free of charge for iRobots, and it includes a reformed quiet mode. The robot will not make noise while heading or returning from cleaning jobs. Those who want to share their phone location with the robot can also use a feature known as ‘Clean While I’m Away. This way, once the robot detects the owner is away, it will start to clean the assigned rooms. The robot will also be able to detect and name different rooms depending on the types of furniture.

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