Apple to Launch iPhone 13 During the September 14 Apple Event

Credit: Apple/ Twitter

The Apple Event taking place on September 14 will be the biggest one for the tech giant this year. The American technology company will most likely present several devices during the virtual event. Sources believe that some of the event’s portfolio devices will include Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13. The announcement released on Tuesday did not mention the products to be presented.


iPhone 13 latest rumors

According to the most recent leaks, the new iPhone will include a satellite connection, meaning users can send messages even when they are not near wifi or cell tower connections. Apparently, this could be possible by connecting the device to the Low Earth Orbit satellites using new radio technology. It remains unknown in which countries users will enjoy this new feature, but the U.S is for sure included.

Other rumors about the iPhone 13 specs:

The newest iPhone might offer an additional battery hour, but they will use the same battery components as the previous iPhone 12 model. However, the iPhone 13 Pro will have a 120 Hz ProMotion display, and it might consume more battery than the regular version. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max can use only 60Hz when users switch to Low Power Mode. All the models might come with 15 % more light on the camera sensors, and a new ‘cinematic’ portrait video mode will be available. The Night Mode should be able to identify stars and adjust the settings accordingly.

Apple Watch Series 7

Some sources mention that the best improvement in terms of battery life might be for the Apple Watch 7 Series. Faster performances and new designs are also expected. Some of the new features are rumored to include glucose monitoring and body temperature monitoring.

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