Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India Fires Health Minister and More

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached the South Asian country, its Government has struggled to keep things under control. Not an easy task for the second most populated country on our planet. Statistics show that India has had over 30,709,557 recorded cases with the SARS-CoV-2 infection from the total number of cases worldwide: 180 million. The numbers are not looking good, and it seems that the Prime Minister of India is struggling to find ministers he can work with long-term.

The Press Information Bureau published the names of the new ministers.

After Modi’s decision of dropping 12 ministers on Wednesday, the Press Information Bureau Government of India already published the names of the newly appointed ministers. The Ministers of Health, IT, oil and Law, among others, were fired for not being able to manage the COVID-19 pandemic properly. The Former Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, was replaced with Mansukh Laxman Mandaviya.

Scapegoats for the Government?

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believe that this drastic decision was a political one. Someone needed to take the blame for the problematic situation India is in concerning the COVID-19 crisis. The immunisation campaign in India does not go on smoothly, and many believe that the hectic actions taken by the Government have made things even worse. India is now its second wave of the COVID019 pandemic, and hundreds of thousands of people are losing the battle with the virus. Political parties in India criticise each other, and the opposition is always looking for a way to criticise the actual Government.

Things are not looking good

Unfortunately, 400,000 people from India have died after being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the Delta variant was first discovered in the South Asian country. In India, 66.9 M people are fully vaccinated, and hopes are many more will get the shots.

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