GTA 6: New Reports Reveal More Waiting Time For the Game’s Launch Than Previously Thought

GTA 6 will be released sooner or later, but unfortunately, we may be forced to wait for it a lot longer than expected, according to new information brought by The future game already raised a lot of questions, even now when it’s only under development.

Will we meet Michael, Trevor, and Franklin again? Will another famous character from the Grand Theft Auto universe come back, such as Carl Johnson or Tommy Vercetti? Will there also be a female protagonist, as previously rumoured? One day, we’ll find answers to all those questions, but as for now, we have to first find out when the game itself comes out.

We’ll have to wait at least until 2024

Tom Henderson brings the sad news that the fans of the legendary GTA franchise will have to wait at least until 2024, according to a new video that the guy posted. Henderson is a reliable leaker, as he released accurate details for the Battlefield 2042 game from Electronic Arts.

Tom Henderson also confirms the rumour about the setting of GTA 6 indeed being Vice City. This information will certainly delight the fans, as a tribute to the 2002 game GTA Vice City is always welcomed in the community. That title remains one of the most popular video games in history, and the reasons are obvious. GTA Vice City is an open world game that unfolds the world of the ‘80s, dominated by disco and heavy metal music and a lot of dealing with thugs.

GTA 6 is reportedly under the works by Rockstar for some time, and at this point, it would be naïve to say that there’s anything one hundred percent sure regarding the rumours that surround the future game. GTA 5 was released more than seven years ago, and we all have to admit that the wait is already unbearable.

Sawyer Alim
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