Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service Becomes Available on iOS and PC

As cloud gaming is slowly but surely becoming the technology of the future when it comes to how we choose to enjoy those exciting virtual worlds, there’s no wonder why companies are constantly looking to improve their game streaming services. While Google and NVIDIA are adding more games to Stadia and GeForce Now, respectively, it’s time for Microsoft to make a really smart move.

The Verge announces that Microsoft’s xCloud service, which is a component of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is currently making its way to iOS devices, PCs, and macOS gadgets.

To enjoy Microsoft’s service from iOS devices, you’ll get that chance via the Safari browser. As expected, you’ll also get to use the cloud gaming app through touch controls or by connecting a controller. We recommend the second option, as gaming is always better and more thrilling when you feel those physical buttons in your hands.

Use Google Chrome or Edge for gaming from PC

According to Microsoft, if you want to enjoy the xCloud gaming service from your PC, you must use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This is a bit weird considering the huge popularity of Firefox, and there’s no doubt that plenty of gamers will also demand support for Mozilla’s browser.

While more than 100 games are available in xCloud, you can easily play a super title like GTA V at no cost if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership or an Xbox Game Pass. The latest major GTA V title came back to xCloud and Xbox Game Pass on April 8.

The Verge wrote three days ago that the Xbox Game Pass service of Microsoft had reached a staggering number of 18 million subscribers.

Sawyer Alim
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