iPhone 13 Could Bring Revolutionizing Feature of Calling and Sending Texts Even Without Cell Signal

Credit: Unsplash.com, Arnel Hasanovic

You know that awful feeling when you’re in the middle of nowhere, and you desperately need to call someone, but there’s no signal? Perhaps we all know it. But those scenarios could soon become history, as a new rumor revealed by Pocket-lint.com claims something out of this world: for the upcoming iPhone 13, Apple will make it possible to make calls and send messages even while lacking a cell signal.

Of course, you’re now thinking, “this guy speaks baloneys. How on Earth would such a thing be possible?”. We were also thinking the same. But there is a way that it can be done.

LEO satellites are the key

According to the incredible new rumor, Apple is planning to let users make calls and send text messages with an iPhone 13 by using LEO satellites. While the traditional satellites need 24 hours to orbit our planet, LEO satellites are able to do it in just an hour or two.
The report of the wild rumor comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who proved to offer very accurate predictions over time. Therefore, you should indeed take his word for it regarding the claim about iPhone 13!

Otherwise, the info we have until now from other sources regarding Apple’s flagship for 2021 are pretty interesting as well. iPhone 13 will be launched in September, and it will possess upgraded features.

Now let’s talk about the camera of the upcoming iPhone, which is probably the most important aspect of smartphones nowadays. iPhone 13 will likely feature a periscope camera that would improve the zoom option. There are reasons to believe that an ultrawide-angle lens will also be added for those night mode photos.

Are you also excited about iPhone 13? Let us know what features you wish to see on Apple’s upcoming flagship!

Sawyer Alim
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