Edible Insects Are Healthy and Good for the Environment

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Eating specific species of insects has been a practice in many countries around the world, from African countries to Asian and Middle East countries. However, in many western countries, people are still not used to the idea of eating products made out of insects or insect protein.

Eating insects is better for the environment and are a sustainable protein source

According to experts, proteins are an essential part of our diets, and using insect protein could help us in the future, as the world population keeps growing. Farming insects requires fewer costs, less pollution, less water, and other resources when compared to cows or chickens. An article on insect proteins and their benefits mentions the story of an Israeli entrepreneur who owns a firm that uses insects for edible foods such as jellied sweets.

Dror Tamir has a long connection with grasshoppers, especially locusts, because they were part of the diet of many people, such as the Moroccan Jewish or the Yemenite. He hopes to provide a broader range of food made out of insects such as burgers, falafel, and others.

Experts conclude that eating certain insects is safe and beneficial

Tamir is not the only one who believes that eating insects should be a practice that needs to expand globally. According to a study conducted by experts from Maastricht University, mealworm protein has the same benefits when ingested as milk protein. Researchers mention that mealworm protein has the same characteristics as milk protein and should be considered a premium ingredient.

Several countries in Europe have authorized the consumption of products based on insects

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The same article mentions several countries in Europe that allow the commercialization and consumption of several foods made out of insects. A website dedicated to selling insect-based products offers several options to choose from and mentions that some insects are considered a delicacy in other parts of the world. Some of the most popular insects are locusts, worms, and crickets.

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