Call of Duty Vanguard Alpha- Release Date and More

Credit: PlayStation.Blog

The newest Call of Duty alpha will become available only for PlayStation from August 27 to August 29. The limited Alpha will be free for PS5 and PS4. On the PlayStation official blog, the company announced that the Vanguard PlayStation Alpha will feature Champion Hill. The game will be fully realeased in November, and until then, this is a one-time opportunity to test some of the game’s features.

What is Sledgehammer Game’s Champion Hill?

The Champion Hill is a multi-arena survival tournament, and players who want to win will have to use many tactics and strategies. The impactful gameplay and the adrenaline rush will allow squads to compete in round-robin tournaments. A squad can compete against other squads, and the mission is to end the others. Each squad will have a limited number of lives, and to claim Champion Hill, a squad needs to win the timed Combat rounds.

How do you play Champion Hill Alpha?

For Champion Hill Alpha, squads will be a duo or a trio. Each squad has the same Loadout, and extra cash is earned by taking enemy lives or picking up drops. Drops will be scattered all over the map, and the extra cash can help players get a better weapon or equipment. Players can also upgrade to Perks and Killstreaks during Buy Rounds. Buy Rounds take place between combats, and each squad will have to create their own strategies.

Each decision and each upgrade will determine who wins future combats.
The Champion Hill arena will have a total of four maps, besides the central Buy Station one. The four areas are Airstrip, Trainyard, Market, and Courtyard. A great feature mentioned on the Play Station blog is that those eliminated from the game can watch and root for other players from a spectator platform inside the Bui Station Arena.

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