Afghan People Living under Terror While China Seeks to Benefit from Afghanistan’s Mineral Reserves

Credit: Unsplash

The unfortunate situation happening in Afghanistan could be beneficial for some of its neighbors. China and Afghanistan share a common border, and the media has been mentioning that the $3 trillion mineral reserves are making the Chinese dealmakers greedy. China already dominated several industries, including the one for rare earth elements. There has been a recent crisis for raw materials, and many investors acted carefully on the Asian financial market. As the crisis unfolds in Afghanistan, investors are wondering who will be the ones to strike deals with the Taliban and travel there as soon as the airports open.

How much is Afghanistan’s unexplored mineral reserves worth?

There have been different numbers circulation, but one thing is for sure. The value starts at least $ 1 trillion, according to the U.S Geological Survey. Many media outlets talked about the unexplored reserves in Afghanistan and the battle around them in the past. There is no big-scale mining happening now in the country, and the abundant mineral resources could make many countries fight each other for supremacy.

Why is China seen as a potential candidate?

Because the countries share a border and China has not called out the Taliban extremists, it might become a long-term ally. Many articles mentioned that several representatives from China visited the country, and they were very aware of the mining potential. The rare elements can be used in technology, especially lithium. This would put an end to the crisis for raw materials in China. It is not easy, though, to start the exploration process. Mining is a long process, and there are many steps to start it: legal permits, ensuring safety for those working there, and more.

As many seek to get their hands on the rare earth elements in Afghanistan, the people of that country are suffering each day under the Taliban regime. Women and children have lost fundamental human rights, and their lives are in danger every day.

Cezara Radu
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