Facebook Launches Horizon Workrooms for Remote Meetings

Credit: Facebook

Facebook has launched today Horizon Workrooms. This new virtual reality meeting room is designed for those working remotely and hybrid. This connective tool can help those feeling isolated at home. The open beta of Horizon Workrooms is already available to download for free.

How does it work?

According to the announcement posted on the Facebook website, this tool allows people to enter the same virtual meeting room and induce togetherness. Although attending the same meeting, some people are working remotely from different parts of the world. Horizon workrooms created one virtual meeting room where everyone collaborates and connects to share ideas, socialize and work on their assigned task.

Those who want to access Horizon Workrooms need to own an Oculus Quest 2. Facebook created the Oculus headsets to provide virtual reality for those who wear them. They can be used in video games, simulators, trainers and nor for the Horizon meeting rooms. The headsets come with eye-tracking sensors, and it is quite an immersive experience.

What are some of the features of Horizon Workrooms?

Using Quest 2, those inside a virtual workroom can enjoy several features such as mixed-reality desks, keyboard tracking, hand tracking, desktop streaming, spatial audio and video conferencing integration. The presentation on the official page also mentions that Facebook employees have already benefited from workrooms, and there have been many benefits.

Those who create an avatar and enter a virtual meeting room will also see their computers and keyboards on their virtual table. During the virtual meeting, they can take notes, share files or their screens and enjoy natural conversations, just as they would at a real-life office meeting. The spatial audio feature will be partially responsible for recreating that feeling of being in an in-person office meeting, depending on where your avatar is seated.
The news has already sparked debate on social media, and people are excited to try it.

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