Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack and iOS 14.7 Update Now Available

Credit: Apple

Yesterday, the new iOS 14.7 update became available for compatible iPhones (the same ones that are compatible with iOS 14.5), and the features are great. iOS users can use two Apple cards using a co-owned account and a credit limit, and the new MagSafe Battery.

More on the iOS 14.7 update

Apart from bug fixes, sources also indicate that some new features are managing timers using HomePod app and the battery pack for iPhone 12. The battery pack costs $99, and it is attached to the back of the iPhone 12, and it charges it without using a cable. Setting a timer using the HomePod option will be possible without using Siri. Those interested in taking full advantage of the iPhone 12 can also access the Weather app and see the air quality. The Apple card app will allow two Apple Card users to share a co-owned account and modify their credit limits.

The MagSafe Battery

Those who want can already order the 1,460mAH battery, and it is compatible with all iPhone 12 models. Apple reveals that the MagSafe can be used plugged into a power adaptor or on the go. When used on the go, the charging speed is slower. But, those who want to buy and use the battery need to update their iOS devices with the new iOS14.7 update. Users can add on their Home Screen a widget of the battery and find out how much power the MagSafe has left. The battery is attached magnetically to the device. The charger needs to be a USB-C adapter and cable. Even the AirPods can be charged with the MagSafe, and of course, iPhone 8 or newer. Apple also helps those who are unsure if the new magnetic battery is compatible with their devices by adding a list to the product presentation.

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