The Launch of Huawei’s P50 Flagship is Coming Fast: What to Expect and How to Watch the Launch Event

Credit:, Omid Armin

Huawei resembles Samsung more and more, as the Chinese company has also been releasing a load of smartphones. Huawei is making its final preparations for the release of the P50 series, and all hints are indicating an impressive flagship as usual.

Thanks to, we have enough info for the release date of Huawei P50, what to expect, and how to watch the launch event itself. The Chinese giant will unveil the new gadget on July 29, meaning a little more than a week.

How to watch the launch event

If you’re eager to watch the launch event as many of us, you must know that YouTube will stream it via the Huawei Mobile channel. If you don’t like the idea, you can also watch the launch through the consumer site of Huawei:

What to expect

As you can expect from a flagship built by Huawei, a flagship processor will be present on the P50 series. The processor is the “brain” of any phone, and it will be interesting to find out the model of the new chipset. The upcoming flagship will also be packed with OLED displays and Leica cameras. This time, Huawei will apply a different recipe for the cameras than what the company has done until now: multiple lenses that will be split across two protruding discs places on the gadget’s rear.

Huawei’s new series will most likely see the debut of P50 and P50 Pro, and although we don’t have any information yet regarding the prices of the devices, the good news is that we have only a few days to wait until we find out everything there is to know about the phones. But of course, nobody expects these beauties to be cheap.

Sawyer Alim
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