Apple Releases watchOS 8 – Fall Detection and Mindfulness App

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Apple released yesterday a new operating system for its smartwatches, and there are several new features users might enjoy. The newest operating system, watchOS 8, works with Apple Watch Series 3 and later. Any watch user can download it using their iPhone and going to General and then the Software Update option. The Apple watch that needs the update has to have at least 50% of charge; it has to be placed on a charger and close to the phone.

New features come with watchOS 8

Apple enhanced user’s capabilities with Wallet and Home apps to make it easier to pay and perform other tasks at home. For those who enjoy using their Apple watch while exercising, new workout sports are added and updates for pre-existing ones such as cycling. A great new feature, the Mindfulness app, will help users take care of their mental and physical health.

Tai Chi and Pilates have been added to workouts, and for those who enjoy riding their bikes, the new OS comes with helpful features. The watch will provide heart rate, GPS tracking, accelerometer, gyroscope, and even switch to the Outdoor Cycle workout.
Those who already use the cycling workout need to know that the new update will come with auto-pause and resume. The feature is helpful for those moments when people are cycling and need to wait at a stoplight or have to cross the road.

Fall Detection has been updated

The new update will allow the watch to detect when users fall during workouts such as cycling. Instead of the breathing app, users will enjoy the mindfulness app that will include reflection and meditations. Starting next Monday, the mindfulness app will receive weekly uploads of audio files.
Apple users will unlock their cars and start the engine with the watch if they have digital car keys.
All in all, watchOS 8 is worth installing.

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