WhatsApp Finally Allows You to Transfer Chat History Between Android and iOS

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What can be more relaxing than talking to your friends or spouse via video calls during your spare time? Luckily, WhatsApp is one of the apps that can grant you such a wish. There are plenty of alternatives out there as well: Skype, Telegram, Viber, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

In 2021, pretty much everyone can change his or her device. If you want to always keep up with what’s best in technology, you never know when a better gadget appears. This can also imply switching platforms. Transferring chat history from your WhatsApp account between platforms (Android to iPhones or vice versa) was impossible until now, and users had been very frustrated about it. But there’s a solution for everything in life, they say.

Finally, you can transfer WhatsApp chat history between platforms

According to pocket-lint.com, WhatsApp has announced during Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event from yesterday that it’s finally allowing users to transfer chat history between Android devices and iPhones.

But there’s a catch here! You know what they say that you can’t have them all in life. The new feature will only be available for the moment to those Samsung users who switch over from an iPhone. They will get the chance in the “coming weeks”. However, all Android models should be supported in the near future.

According to WhatsApp itself, chat transfers can include the entire chat logs, photos, videos, as well as voice messages. Practically, everything you can send via WhatsApp can be included.

With roughly 2 billion users, WhatsApp remains one of the most downloaded apps on the planet. Since the majority of those from a workplace, class, or social group are using the app, you’re practically forced to install it on your phone as well to keep in touch with them.

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