GTA 5: There’s New Major Hint That the Next-Gen Update Will Be Massive

Credit:, João Ferrão

It was practically impossible for a top-selling game like GTA 5 to not receive an updated version for the next-generation version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Although Rockstar’s blockbuster is roughly 8 years old, it’s still popular among gamers worldwide.

While many are eagerly waiting for GTA 5’s impending update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, they’ll likely have a wonderful surprise. Thanks to the German PlayStation Blog, we find out that the enhanced version of GTA 5 for the next-gen gaming machines will feature some very smooth gameplay.

GTA 5 could run at 4K resolution and 60fps

The post about upcoming releases alludes to the Los Santos skyline as to be “shining in crisp 4K resolution thanks to the bold graphics update” and “extreme smoothness thanks to 60 frames-per-second”.

How can it be more clearer than that? Imagine GTA 5 at such quality. Imagine Michael running away from cops or Trevor mercilessly killing multiple individuals while in an outburst of rage on 4K and at 60fps. It blows your mind!

GTA 5 remains one of the best open-world games that you can play! You may like Franklin’s calm and easily clumsy demeanour. You may like Michael’s story and mental issues, and he has some pretty usual problems with his family. You may see Trevor as a poorly understood guy who has the potential to do some great things in life if he gets emotional support. Regardless of your preferences while playing GTA 5, the game remains a legend. We’re talking about the second best selling video game of all time after Minecraft.

You have a variety of options while playing GTA 5, an unforgettable story, compelling graphics, and so on.

GTA 5 is available to play on PC and the usual consoles.

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