Possible Release Date for Android 12 is REVEALED

Credit: Pixabay.com, Shabaz khan

Can Android become any better? It’s already the best mobile operating system, as even Microsoft acknowledged long ago when it was competing with Android through its mobile version of Windows.

The answer is undoubted “yes”! Android can sure become better than it already is! Because those guys from Google always have an ace up their sleeve! Therefore, Android 12 is on its way, and thanks to 9to5Google.com, we even have a possible release date of the new version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Android 12 could launch on October 4

Android has the fifth and final beta already available for those who have Pixel phones. A document from Google obtained by the XDA reveals the dates when some Android versions will be added to Android Open Source Project.

In 2019 and 2020, Google released Android 10 and 11 on September 3 and 8, respectively.
If you like your messages to be more compelling, you must know that roughly 1,000 emojis will receive improvements in Android 12. The emoticons will likely become more authentic, accessible, and also universal.

There are plenty of exciting new features that will become available in Android 12, as well. A new mode dedicated to gaming, hiding notifications with just one tap, or a “smaller phone” feature will all be available in the next Android version.

We can also expect various notification improvements in Android 12, according to Android Authority. Therefore, the notification system will have improved usability, functionality, and even aesthetics.

Feel free to tell us in a comment below your own opinion about Android 12! What features do you like to see, and what would you like to get removed from the operating system? Our comment section is permanently available!

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