New Zeeland Registers 33 New Community Cases of Covid-19

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New Zeeland has been known to use restrictions and lockdown to prevent community outbreaks due to the Covid-19 virus. All cases were reported in Auckland, and the region will remain at level 4 until September 21. The country carried out more than 8657 Covid-19 detection tests, and more than 2,862,765 have received the first dose of a Covid019 vaccine.

Auckland has been in lockdown for two weeks

Auckland will remain in lockdown due to new community cases of Covid-19 infection. Some of those who tested positive were in isolation. Three border cases involved people traveling from Serbia, Montenegro and India. The NZ Ministry of Health advises people in Auckland to get tested.

The rest of New Zeeland will move to alert level 2

Auckland will remain in level 4, while the rest of the country will move to level 2. Level 4 means that people from that region should stay at home. They can only leave the house for essential goods, exercise, or to receive medical treatment, as well as going to get tested for Covid-19. All those going outside need to wear a mask and practice social distance, as the Delta strain is highly contagious.

Alert level 2 means that everyone experiencing cold symptoms can get tested; wearing a mask is mandatory indoors, in public transportation, and indoor places can only receive 50 people. Outdoor restaurants and other venues can only receive 100 people. Social distancing of two meters is still required at the gym, museums, and libraries.
Health experts in New Zeeland agree that it would have been too early for Auckland to come out of alert level 4, local media informs. More investigations will be conducted to understand the community outbreaks. The rest of the country will remain on level 2 for a week.

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