How to Get Your Hands on Windows 11

It’s finally the end of the road for Windows 10. No, the operating system released by Microsoft in 2015 won’t be deleted or anything similar, but a successor is finally here. The new Windows 11 generated a huge wave of reactions across the web, as many are clinging their hopes to it, and there’s no wonder why. Windows 10 has its undeniable flaws, and for a company like Microsoft, fixing those issues is a “must”.

Windows 11 will officially become available for download this year around Christmas time, and you won’t even have to write a letter to Santa Klaus to bring you a copy. The next version of Microsoft’s operating system will be free for anyone who already has a licensed copy of the predecessor Windows 10.

Can I run Windows 11?

If your PC isn’t entirely obsolete as having 1GB of RAM or if it doesn’t release black smoke, the chances are high that it will run Windows 11 without major problems. Otherwise, you’ll get to update to the new Windows in pretty much the same way your PC was going through installing new updates for Windows 10.

If you’re still in doubts, you must know that the guys from the “How to Do it All” YouTube channel have made a more detailing and comprehensive video for how to get Windows 11 going on your PC, and the footage is just neat:

Once you have a PC equipped with Windows 10, you can see if it’s eligible for a free Windows 11 upgrade by accessing and downloading the PC Health Check app. Feel free to run the software without hesitation and see what it says!

Let us know in a comment why you would use a replacement for Windows 10, or why you still prefer the old operating system. We gladly read all the comments!

Sawyer Alim
Sawyer is our team's tech specialist. He's constantly looking for new technologies to try them out and later present to our readers. Sawyer is just getting his start as a journalist, but has over 5 years experience at a tech company.