Anti-vaxxers Protested Outside Hospitals in Canada

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Yesterday health care providers in Canada and many patients needing care had to face big groups of anti-vaxxers outside Canadian hospitals. Several barricades took place at some hospitals, including the Toronto General Hospital. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he was shocked and bothered by the anti-vaxxer gatherings outside hospitals and health facilities.

Health providers in Canada intimidated by protesters

Due to the large numbers of anti-vaxxers, health providers and patients felt intimidated and at risk. Justin Trudeau believes the situation is unacceptable and that firm actions will ensure health providers are safe and protected. He also mentioned that if liberals win again, he will make it a criminal offense to obstruct access to hospitals and other health care facilities. Disturbing and intimidating health professionals will also be made a criminal offense. Trudeau firmly believes that protests should take place elsewhere and access to hospitals should not be obstructed.

Mayors and other officials from Toronto and Hamilton Areas released a statement

After the anti-vaxxers protests, mayors and chairs from Toronto and Hamilton released a press statement. They explained that everyone relieves on doctors and health professionals to save our lives. To do so, they need to work peacefully, and patients needing hospital care should not feel intimidated by protesters. Doctors and nurses have been in the front line since the beginning of the pandemic, and they should be respected, not intimidated.

Who orchestrated the protests?

Demonstrators protested against vaccine mandates and other Covid-19 related requirements made by the Canadian authorities. Behind the protests appear to be the Canadian Frontline Nurses, a group founded by two nurses from Ontario. They are known to have promoted several conspiracy theories involving the new coronavirus. The two nurses have attempted previous protests and rallies in the U.S.


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