Freedom Phone- the Alternative Phone Offering Privacy and More


For those unfamiliar with Freedom phones, these devices come as an alternative to brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Google etc. The thing that sets this new device apart from others is its promise of privacy and free speech.

Freedom Phone: Specs and features

The website describes it as a phone that has no tracking apps and that all apps installed will provide individual access control. Privacy is one of its most significant features, and users will be able to send secure texts and make secure calls. The device runs on GrapheneOS, and there are several models available. Erik Finman, a bitcoin investor, funds the devices and sources claim that there are several things that many people do not appreciate.

What do we know so far?

The phone is already on the market, and it should do everything current smartphones on the market do, except tracing and spying on you. As already mentioned, many remain sceptical, and part of the reason is that there are not enough details about it. Tech enthusiasts want to know more about the phone’s internal hardware, and it looks when it is on. It can also be a case that since it is a phone that promises privacy, the brand cannot give too many details. The price is not that high, and for the same $500, there are several other options on the market. Umidigi, a Chinese company, makes the phone, and it was custom made in collaboration with Erik Finman’s lab.

What is ‘Trust’?

Some articles mention that Finman talks about an app on the device, ‘Trust’, which will help users manage threats and security issues. Also, there are speculations that the device’s model is the Umidigi A9 with customized hardware, and the OS operating system is based on the Android OS.


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