FIFA 22 is Coming Soon: Release Date and What the Game Brings New

Dear gamers and football fans from all over the world, FIFA 22 is just around the corner! This time, no pandemic will delay the release of the game as it happened last year with FIFA 21! This September, EA SPORTS will release FIFA 22 along with many new exciting stuff that the football simulation game brings!

If nothing unexpected occurs, like another pandemic or an alien invasion, FIFA 22 should be released between September 20 and September 27. The game is ready to bring the football thrill to an even greater level than before, as plenty of exciting new features will become available for the players.

Next-gen football for next-gen consoles

FIFA 22 will be playable on PC, the good old consoles that everyone expected (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), as well as the next-generation machines that were released last year and brought the gaming industry to a whole new level: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

New gameplay elements

The trusted leaker known as KingLangpard spoke about what’s up next for FIFA 22:

In the discussion, the leaker said:

Player Switching: When defending, pressing R3 lets you choose between 3 of the closest players and they all have an arrow set for the direction you flick R3 towards Can still also use R1 or flick the right stick as normal.

2nd man press: It is nerfed a bit, there’s a little green arrow above the player that is 2nd man pressing and it depletes quickly (3-4 seconds max), soon as it depletes the player’s press isn’t as intense and basically non existent, also pulls your player out of position.

The ongoing COVID pandemic has forced many teams around the world to play their games with the stadiums closed, leading to some memorable and sad images that will remain forever in football history. It will be interesting to see if we can play games in FIFA 22 without any spectators, but what’s for sure is that the game will make many players forget about the older titles from its series.

Sawyer Alim
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