Call of Duty Mobile: We Can Expect New Weapons and Maps for Season 7


If you’re also eager to play Call of Duty Mobile while waiting for the bus or as a true hobby, surely you must be interested in what Season 7 prepares for the game. Season 6 entitled “The Heat” is approaching its end, and thanks to, we have some interesting info for what to expect from the upcoming Season 7.

Although there’s no official confirmation, we can expect Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile to start on August 26. That’s also the date when daily logins for Season 6 finish.

New exciting weapons

For all of you who like to play with new “toys” in COD: Mobile, we have strong hints to believe that Season 7 will have plenty of them! Check this out:

What can possibly be more exciting in a war game than to use all sorts of weapons to take down your opponent? Using new weapons, of course! But remember: don’t try this at home and in real life!

New maps

Surely all you sinners out there would enjoy a devastating shootout in a monastery, and the developers know it very well. Therefore, here’s an interesting tease showing that the “Monastery” map will indeed be available soon in the game:

Are you not convinced that Monastery is the map the tweet is talking about? This will shed some light:

Call of Duty: Mobile has had such tremendous success that it managed to reach 100 million downloads within the first week after its launch. The game has the major advantage of being available for free in mobile marketplaces.

COD: Mobile was developed by Timi Studios and published by Activision for both Android devices and iPhones. The game is a battle royale mobile version of the famous game series for PC and consoles: Call of Duty.

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