A Functional HBO Max App is Expected Soon

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It’s not a secret for nobody that the HBO Max app has some serious issues. Getting the app to play your favourite TV shows can become a real pain. Surely it’s extremely relaxing to enjoy a show or movie on your gear even while you’re on the go. Soon enough, it might actually become possible!

Rather than not trying to see your favourite shows ever again, you can wait for the functional HBO Max app to arrive. According to pocket-lint.com, new versions for the HBO Max smart TV apps will appear by early next year. An anonymous WarnerMedia executive speaking to Vulture revealed the information.

You can get the revamped app in early 2022

Early 2022 represents the period when mobile and web viewers should get their hands on the new HBO Max apps. We can hope that the revamped apps won’t have the issues that many of us are sick of.

One mad user wrote, as quoted by Vulture.com:

Attempted to rewind on the HBO Max app and my TV started smoking and shaking then fell off the wall.

Another user wrote the following amusing stuff, according to the same publication:

HBO Max bravely answers the question, ‘What if the people who designed an app fucking hated their customers’.

Otherwise, HBO Max’s description from the Google Play Store sounds pretty attractive:

With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for everyone in your family. So kick back in your comfiest loungewear and find your next favorite from one of our curated hubs including DC, the Cartoon Network Collection, Classics curated by TCM, Sesame Workshop, and more.

What do you think about the current situation? What do you expect from a revamped HBO Max app? Let us know in a comment below!

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