Boost Your iPhone and iPad Performance by Taking These Few Steps

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Sometimes we do not have time to take proper care of our devices, and they can run slower. To boost performance, it can be helpful to delete excess browsing data. Tech experts explain that when using the browser of app stores, many cache data remains on the device: login info, images and more cookies. Most people prefer this because they do not have to remember their passwords, and the login process is faster by using Face ID, for example.

When should we delete our browser cache?

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Even if the device is running slower because of too much information stored, clearing data cache will not fix everything. An article explains that clearing data from our iPhones and iPads will help the device run faster, mainly the apps on the device. This means pages can load faster, and fewer errors will appear. Lagging can also happen for other reasons. Clearing web browser history means that if we use Safari, we need to remember the passwords for all the websites we have accessed using the browser. If we clear the web browser history of Safari, it will affect our iCloud account passwords. Meaning we need to log in on all devices afterwards.

How to clear data from our internet browsers?

The most popular browser for Apple users is Safari. To clear cache data, you need to tap on the icon ‘Safari’ and then choose the option ‘Clear History and Website Data. It might be a good idea to try to remember all passwords first, especially if you will have a busy day. Another important information is that iOS 14.7 will become available soon and it might affect the Safari icon design. The new iOS update will be available on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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