Battlefield Mobile: Release Date and Other Important Info


What can possibly be better than a highly-realistic war game series than Battlefield? The same series going mobile version, of course! Getting to play Battlefield on your mobile device will likely be one of the best ways to use that little gadget.

Battlefield Mobile hasn’t been released yet, but it’s only a matter of time until it will be launched. We have plenty of valuable information about the game, thanks to There are plenty of hints indicating that we’ll indeed get to see an unforgettable game for smartphones!

Release Date

Although there’s no precise release date, we know that Battlefield Mobile launches in 2022. DICE outlined the information when the future game was first announced.

Battlefield Mobile already has an official Google Play Store page, and the marketplace has something interesting to say about the upcoming game:

Squad up in Battlefield Mobile. You and your crew will press the assault on maps and modes both new and familiar to veteran players. Build a loadout of authentic weapons and game-changing gadgets. Fight for control of powerful vehicles like tanks and ATVs. Destroy the field of battle with large-scale environmental destruction. Combat abilities are always growing and at scale, granting you the capacity for mass warfare.

The game will be featuring large scale battles and also large scale destructions! And let’s face it, we cannot complain one bit! Mobile games definitely need more attention from the developers, as they’ve shown in recent years that they can successfully compete with those running on consoles and PC’s. Not to mention that smartphones are very often used as computers nowadays!

If Battlefield Mobile is anywhere near either of the games available for the big gears, it will surely become addictive as hell!

How do you think Battlefied Mobile will be compared to Call of Duty Mobile? Let us know in a comment below!

Sawyer Alim
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