What Meta Says About Allowing Ads on WhatsApp – Will It Happen?

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Pretty much everyone who uses a smartphone these days also has WhatsApp installed, and the list of reasons is endless. Meta’s app provides the possibility to instant message your friends, family members, and co-workers, send large files to them, participate in groups and video calls, and so on. However, another remarkable aspect is that WhatsApp doesn’t have any ads, but there have been some concerning pieces of information in the online world that this could change.

Meta is definitely the company most justified to speak out about whether ads will be placed on WhatsApp or not since we’re talking about the company that owns the famous software. Seeing ads each time you open WhatsApp would definitely be annoying for anyone, so feel free to keep reading to figure out if we’ll be dealing with such a thing or not!

Meta says there aren’t any plans to place ads on WhatsApp

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp said in a statement that it doesn’t work on any initiative to insert ads in lists of conversations that users have. Furthermore, the tech giant added that there are not any plans that involve the addition of ads on WhatsApp.

The news surely is somewhat surprising, considering that Meta itself disputed on Friday that it was exploring the idea of bringing ads to the instant messaging service that we all use. Financial Times also backed up the information, claiming that some teams at Meta (formerly known as Facebook) evaluated whether to display ads in the lists of conversations with contacts.

Even if we won’t see ads on our WhatsApp conversations (God help us!), Meta is known to generate significant revenue due to WhatsApp Business. This branch requires users to pay for certain services, and there are plenty of folks who have already jumped on the bandwagon: roughly 200 million users are active on a monthly basis.


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