Reddit’s New API Changes Spark Mass Protest on the Platform

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Devs who want their third-party apps using Reddit will have to pay for it due to the new API changes of the famous social network. Obviously, many are not fans of the idea, which led to a massive protest on Reddit. Over 7,000 communities on the platform decided to go dark in order to manifest their discontent, as USA TODAY reveals.

Large subreddits such as r/gaming or r/Music have been set to private so that the public won’t have access to them anymore. Each of these subreddits is highly popular, having tens of millions of subscribers.

Reddit announced changes to its API in April

In a recent development, Reddit made an announcement back in mid-April regarding modifications to its API. The updated policy introduced a fee structure, requiring third-party applications to pay a fee of $0.24 for every 1,000 API calls. Unfortunately, this increase in pricing compelled popular third-party apps such as Apollo and Sync to cease their operations as they found it financially unsustainable to continue under the new terms.

Reddit offers a vast array of communities, which are known as subreddits, and they’re dedicated to almost any topic you can imagine. From technology and science to hobbies, sports, and entertainment, there’s a subreddit for nearly every domain that can interest a person. This diversity allows users to find like-minded individuals, engage in discussions, meet new people with similar interests, and also share content specific to their interests.

Reddit was founded almost two decades ago, in 2005, by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. The platform began as a small project aimed at providing users with a space to discuss various topics and share content. The name “Reddit” means a combination of the words “read” and “edit,” reflecting the core functions of the platform of consuming and curating information.

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